Lione - Francia - 26.04.2019 - 27.04.2019

Colloquium: “On drawing the future of heroic viticulture in Europe: Challenges, Threats and Issues”

The conference, organised by the Cervim together with the French Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes was held in Lyon the last 26th April , devoted to European heroic viticulture, convened a great number of participants as well as significant scientific contents. The event, organised by Cervim together with the Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and the Comité Vin, comes one step closer to the VIIth International Congress on Mountain and Steep Slope Viticulture planned for 2020 in Vila Real (Douro), Portugal.

Gathering over 100 participants, including wine producers, workers of the wine industry and researchers, the conference was divided into three thematic sessions: climate change, landscapes and vineyard management. The latters were hosted by world-class researchers, such as: Benjamin Bois from the French Institute of Vine and Wine of Dijon, who on this occasion also represented the OIV; president of the University of Geisenheim (Germany) Hans-Reiner Schultz; Teresa Andresen, in charge of the UNESCO candidacy dossier in Douro, Portugal.

“This was a very interesting day from a technical and a scientific standpoint”, Gaudio underlines. “It was a good opportunity to examine the challenges encountered by heroic viticulture, which shall be discussed during the VIIth International Congress in Portugal. Territories of heroic viticulture are not outdoor museums”, he further points out. “They are key regions, both at a social and at an economical level, where great wines are produced. I think efforts should be made in research and innovation – in precision viticulture, for instance – in order to optimize production, improve the quality of heroic wines and reduce production costs.”

After the conference, an interesting technical tour of the picturesque Beaujolais vineyards took place – this famous French wine region is famous for its head-trained bush vines grown on steep slopes.

Below, you can download and have a read through the speeches!