ITALY - Bill on Protection of Vineyards Approved!

For the first time, the law includes a provision to defend and protect heroic viticulture

The bill has been approved: it contains ninety articles including preceding legislation and its approval facilitates productions, marketing, denominations of origin, geographical indications, traditional terms as well as presentations, management, checks and sanctionative systems. One of them is fully dedicated to heroic viticulture: “This approval was received with deep gratitude”, president of CERVIM Roberto Gaudio declares. For the first time, the law contains a provision devoted to the protection of heroic areas presenting landscapes of high value and risks of hydrogeological instability, and aims at promoting restoration and protection plans in its favour. “This, he adds, is a great accomplishment for us.”

We have, in the past few years, worked hard to defend heroic vineyards and territories of historical value. We can now witness acute attention has been directed to regions characteristic of heroic viticulture, going from the Alps to Pantelleria. Furthermore, these regions present a high level of biodiversity as well as a rich environment. I would like to thank the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Luca Sani, and to the Vice-president of the Commission, Massimo Fiorio, with whom we have, in the past few months, engaged in a close and constructive dialogue. This dialogue indeed has played a key role in the drafting of the bill and has highlighted our common interest and sensibility for heroic viticulture.”

“I am very proud of this accomplishment”, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture Luca Sani declares. “It is a true opportunity for the whole wine-growing sector to thrive and it also gives rise to a higher consumer protection. I am especially happy with article 7, which, thanks to one of the amendments I made, prescribes a greater protection of vineyards of historical value with the aim of encouraging safeguarding and restoration plans in regions that present risks of hydrogeological instability. The protection and defence of the Italian wine sector, Sani adds, which stands out by its extraordinary landscapes and unique vines, are key points in the identity of the Italian wine. They are developed in article 6 of the bill, which provides for the registration of vine varieties in the national register.”

A great accomplishment for the Cervim indeed, which goes hand in hand with the approval by the European Commission of the Common Market Organisation (CMO) Regulation related to authorisation systems for planting vineyards. In fact, the research centre further explains, the Regulation lists almost all the guidelines and principles of the wine sector that concern the Cervim. “Once again, Gaudio stresses, it is a significant accomplishment, and we must keep up our efforts in this direction if we want to obtain further support in favour of heroic viticulture in the frame of the next programming that will take place after 2020.”

Aosta, 2nd December 2016

Public Relations Office, CERVIM