ITALY - Unic law of Vineyard Protection – Aproved!

Within this law - for the first time it is included an disposition regarding the safeguard of the historic and heroic vineyards

Within the law – for the first time – the inclusion of a disposition regarding the safeguard of the historic & heroic vineyards.

The unic law contains 90 articles which include all the previous  normatives and it’s approval allows a real simplification regarding the production, commercialisation, origin denomination, geografic indications, traditional mentionings and presentations,  management, verification and  penalty system. Among all this – also an article completle dedicated to the heroic viticulture: ‘’ we have obtained with high gratitude the permanent aproovement of the unic law of the vineyard protection – says Roberto Gaudio, president of CERVIM – For the first time, within the law has been introduced a disposition regarding the safeguard of the heroic vineyards or the historic ones which assumes to promote interventions of  recovery, restabilisation and safeguard of those vineyards that insist on growing on high risk areas of hidrologic destabilisation or particular landscape movements – fact which represents a very important result. As CERVIM, we have worked this years, as the law was written for the valorisation, management of the heroic vineyards and  terrotories. Today we can notice that it has been given a higher attention to a specific part of the vineyard territory that goes from the Alpes to the Pantelleria and that represents a landscape of biodiversity and management of the environment. A special thanks goes to the president of the Comission of Agriculture Chamber, Luca Sani, and to the vicepresident of the Comission, Massimo Fiorio, with whom we have maintained in the past months a constant and productive dialogue for the finalisation of the law and for the sensitivity he proved regarding the heroic viticulture’’.

‘’ I express my joy regarding this accomplishment  - underlines Luca Sani, president of the Comission of Agriculture Chamber – for the result that will offer a further opportunity of growth  to the whole sector and a better management of the consumers. I am particularly proud of the Art. 7 which thanks to a personal splicing has included the safeguard of the historic vineyards with the aim of promoting interventions of reestablishment, recuperation and safeguard, especially in the areas under risk of hydrogeological destabilisation and of particular attention of defence and valorisation of the local variety.  

The defence and management of the Italian viticulture identity – ads Sani -  composed of extraordinary territories an unic vineyards  that form the essence of the Italian wine and which find a normative definition in the Art.6 of the text  with the foretell of the national register of the wine varieties.

A positive result for CERVIM which makes a good pair with the acceptance of the European Comission of the Regulation of the autorisation szstem for the vinezards, relative to OCM wine ( Comon organisation of the market).  In fact – in the document – CERVIM puts in evidence the report of all parameters of the existing viticulture under the interest of CERVIM based on criterias of priority for obtaining the authorisation for vinayard planting. ‘’ Even in this case we are in front of a great result – ads Gaudio – this process has to continue in order to obtain new recognition for the heroic viticulture in the next appointment, after 2020’’.


Aosta, 2 december 2016

Public Relations Office of CERVIM