"Mountain vine-growing" - No.10


  • Slope in fashion in Chile
    M. Fregoni - Editorial
  • Congress:"Cinque Terre: vine-growing landscape heritage for mankind for UNESCO"R. Durighello, ICOMOS (International Council for Monuments and Sites), Paris - France
  • Prospects for heroic vine-growing
    M. Fregoni, Sacred Heart Catholic University of Piacenza - Italy
  • Recovery of Ligurian vines from virosis: a contribution to the maintenance of viticulture in steeply sloping areas
    F. Mannini, NRC, Turin – Italy
  • Vine-growing and wine-producing characterisation of the Cinque Terre area
    L. Corino, Asti Experimental Viticulture Institute  - Italy
  • Socio-economic problems of vine-growing in the Cinque Terre
    J. Vallat, Zurich Federal Polytechnic – Switzerland
  • What structural changes for difficult vine-growing. The example of Liguria
    L. Fontana, S. Tronfi, Inspectorate of Agricultural Functions, La Spezia – Italy
  • COPA-COGECA in the light of the reform of CMO wine- the position of European professional organisations and cooperatives.
    L. Mainetti, Vice President of the wine group of the COPA-COGECA
  • Costa Viola like the Cinque Terre: vine-growing landscape world heritage site
    G. Previtera, Agricultural Council of the Calabria Regional Authority - Italy
  • Petition to the European Union by areas with vines grown in mountainous and/or steeply sloping areas