"Mountain Vine-growing" – No. 15

  • Editorial
    Prof. Fernando Bianchi de Aguiar
  • François Stevenin new President of the CERVIM
  • The new Institutive law of the CERVIM - No.17 of 11.08.2004
  • The new Statute of the CERVIM
  • Mountain vine-growing: OIV/CERVIM reports
    F. Castellucci – Director General OIV - Paris
  • The 2004 Camgrande Award to the ex-President of the CERVIM Gianni Odisio
  • "Eagle Wines" CRAFT Project: a community contribution to the sustainable development of native vines in mountain areas
    Sara Colombera
    International Congress "Mediterranean Territory, Landscape and Environment in mountain vine-growing" - Banyuls sur Mer - 25 May 2002
  • The history of the "Terroir di Banyuls"
    R. Rull – Mayor of Banyuls – France
  •  "Terroir", landscape and environment: the example of Banyuls
    P. Torres – Director of the Roussilon vine-growing and wine-making research centre – F
  • Landscape, cultural dimension of DOCs
    R. Renou – national President of French DOCs - France
  • Wine landscapes: environmental ecosystems and cultural identities
    Prof. M. Besio – Faculty of Architecture – Genoa University - Italy
  • Viticultural Alto Douro, world heritage
    J. Dias - Vice-coordinator of the candidacy project as world heritage site – Portugal
  • International Meeting: " Vine-growing on mountains and/or steep slopes"
    Santiago de Compostela - 17 May 2003 - Spain
  • Viticulture on steep slopes in the Moselle: between mechanization and tradition.
    A. Simonis - DLR Moselle – Germany
  •  Mountain vine-growing in the framework of the vine-growing and wine-making CMO
    M. Chiappone – Representative of the DG Agriculture of the European Commission – B
  • The interview: the Atouéyo farm at Aymavilles (AO) - Italy
    by Katia Berruquier - CERVIM press office
  • XI International Mountain Wine Competition
  • XII International Mountain Wine Competition
  • XIII International Mountain Wine Competition