"Mountain Vine-growing" – No. 16

Magazine n. 16LIST OF CONTENTS

  • Editorial
    F. Stevenin – President of the CERVIM
  • The reform of the EU vine-growing wine-making sector and viticulture in the mountains and on steep slopes
    Prof. F. Bianchi de Aguiar – President of the CERVIM Technical-Scientific Committee
  • Conclusions of the first International Congress on Vine-growing in the mountains and on steep slopes
    Sara Colombera – Director of the CERVIM
  • CRAFT "Eagle Wines" Project -  sustainable development of native vines in mountain areas
  • Phenological, vegetal-productive and oenological features of three Aosta Valley vines
    P. Lale-Demoz, G. Praz, L.Rigazio, O.Zecca – Regional Agricultural Institute - Aosta (Italy)
  • Assessment of native Alpine vines in the Upper Susa Valley: ampelographic and agronomic aspects
    A. Schneider, L. Cavallo  - CNR Institute of Vegetal Virology - Turin (Italy)
    G. Zeppa, L.Rolle – University of Turin Di.Va.P.R.A. - Turin (Italy)
  • Assessment of the oenological altitude of grapes produced in the Susa valley: oenological and sensory aspects
    G. Zeppa, L.Rolle V. Gerbi- University of Turin Di.Va.P.R.A. - Turin (Italy)
    A. Schneider, L. Cavallo  - CNR Institute of Vegetal Virology - Turin (Italy)
    M.C. Cravero, C. Tsolakis – Institute for Experimental Oenology - Asti (Italy)
  • Characterization and optimisation of Peverella varieties in Trentino
    M. Stefanini, S. Moser, S. Carlin, G. Nicolini - - S.Michele all'Adige Agricultural Institute- Tn - (Italy)
    D. Trainotti, G. Cattoni - Ferrari F.lli Lunelli - Ravina - Tn (Italy)
  • Agronomic and oenological behaviour of three native red vines (Mencia, Brancellao and Merenzao) in the Ribeira Sacra (Spain)
    I. Orriols, I. Vasquez, F. Rego, A. Losada, E Soto, N. Cid, J. Rodriguez – Galicia Viticulture and Oenology  Centre (Spain)
  • Assessment of native vines in Savoy (France) as part of the "Eagle Wines" Project
    M. Bouche – Savoy Wine Consortium - M.L. Mascia – Savoy Chamber of Agriculture - F
  • Carema: historic analysis of one of the great Piemontese DOC reds in danger of being overlooked
    L. Clerin – President of the Consortium for protecting Caluso-Carema-Canavese DOC wines (Italy)
  • Terraced vineyards on the Rhaetic side of the Valtellina as a UNESCO world heritage site
    S. Faccinelli – Director of the ProVinea "Life to Valtellina Vines" non-profitmaking Foundation
  • "Priorat "Life Project: systems for the sustainable management of mountain vine-growing
    M. Cohen – Technical Manager of the PRIORAT project (Spain)
  • Terraced vine-growing on the Costa Viola in Reggio Calabria: action planned by the PSR Calabria, research aimed at protecting and developing the agricultural landscape.
    R. Previtera - Coordinator " Costa Viola Project " - Reggio Calabria (Italy)
    L. Sturiale – Faculty of Architecture - "Mediterranea" University of Reggio Calabria (Italy)
  • XV International Mountain Wine Competition
    S. Colombera – Director of the CERVIM
  • Pantelleria: the island of the  vine nectar
    G. Giardina – Oenologist and National Vice-President ONAV