"Mountain vine-growing" - No.7


  • "Seeking freedom to plant mountain vines"
    M.Fregoni - Editorial
  • The "Bounded Region" of the Douro
    J.Dias – Institute of Port Wine
  • The "Ribeira Sacra" (Galicia - Spain)
    A. Masa – Biological Mission of Galicia (CSIC)
  • The Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine-growing area
    Karl-Heinz Faas – Vine-growing Institute of Trier (Germany) 
  • Swiss vine-growing
    F. Murisier – Changins Federal Research Centre - Switzerland
  •  Viticulture on steep terrain in Austria
    W. Wunderer – Federal Higher Institute and Viticulture Office Klosterneuburg - Austria
  • Vine-growing in the Aosta Valley
    G.Vola – Councillor for Agriculture of the Aosta Valley Regional Authority - Italy
  • Vine-growing in Valtellina
    A. Baiocchi - Fojanini Sondrio Foundation – Italy
  • Vine-growing in the Cinque Terre
    S.Tronfi – Agriculture and Food Service La Spezia - Italy
  • Vine-growing in Toscana
    G.Piscolla – Department of Agriculture Tuscany Regional Authority - Italy
  • Vine-growing on the Island of Ischia
    A. D'Ambra - D'Ambra Winery – Italy
  • Congress "The diverse aspects of mountain vine-growing: environmental, touristic, historical and socio-economic.
  • Congress "Specificity of mountain wines: their role in human health"
  • List of prize-winning wines in the 4th International Mountain Wine Competition"