"Mountain vine-growing" - No. 9

  • The survival of heroic vine-growing
    M.Fregoni - Editorial
  • Congress "Development and protection of vine-growing in mountain and/or steeply sloping areas. Mechanisation issues: evolution or revolution?"
  • Evolution or revolution. What future for the mechanisation of mountain vine-growing?
    G.Spezia - Sacred Heart Catholic University of Piacenza - Italy
  • Mechanisation of vineyards on steep slopes: experience in Tuscany
    C.Chiostri - ARSIA Florence, M.Vieri – Florence University – Italy
  • Embanking and the outcome of mechanisation in Valtellina
    D.Triacca – Triacca Winery, Villa di Tirano, Sondrio - Italy
  • Vine-growing on steep slopes: the Swiss example
    M.Ferretti - Cadenazzo Federal Agronomic Research Centre - Switzerland
  • Mechanisation of viticulture in the Douro - Oporto Valley
    F.Bianchi de Aguiar – Institute of Port Wine - Portugal
  • Congress: "Summer pruning in vineyards in the mountains and/or on steep slopes. Physiological, chemical and mechanical operations".
  • Working on the green plant: factors concerning the shape, microclimate and production
    A. Carbonneau, ISVV, UFR of Viticulture, Montpellier - France
  • Working on the green plant: experience in Switzerland, in particular in the Canton Ticino
    M.Ferretti, F. Murisier, Cadonazzo and Changins Federal Research Centre - Switzerland
  • Issues connected with managing horizontal or sloping plant training methods on the green plant.
    F.Iacono, M.Bertamini, S.Michele all'Adige Agricultural Institute, Trento - Italy
  • Mechanised work on the green plant: polling and defoliation machines
    G. Spezia - Sacred Heart Catholic University of Piacenza - Italy
  • The "a lira" vineyard in Savoy territory
    R. Dupraz, Bugey Wine Federation, Dauphiné Savoy – France
  • Cross-border project on the abandonment of mountain vine-growing.
  • Does the taste of wine change with altitude?