ReveNet was born!

On 15th March, 2019, the very first ReveNet meeting (Research Innovation on Extreme Viticulture and related Enology Network) took place in Barcelona. This network brings together universities, research centres and institutes focusing on the study of extreme or heroic viticulture. Its ambition? Encouraging interaction between technical and scientific actors who work on heroic viticulture.

President Gaudi argues the creation of ReveNet is a key accomplishment for the Cervim. He had been striving for this goal for many years, a goal which has now finally become true.

ReveNet gathers about thirty Institutes based in France (2), Germany (3), Italy (16), Portugal (3), Spain (3) and Switzerland (1).

We invite all universities, research centres and institutes who want to be part of ReveNet to get in touch with the Cervim via the following address: info@cervim.it.