The heroic wines of Ribeira Sacra - Awarded in Galicia; The participating wines at the worldwide contest

President Gaudio: '' Important moment for the meeting of the viticulturists of a region that is historicaly associated with Cervim''


The  heroic wines of Ribeira Sacra –  Awarded at the International Contest of Cervim, Mondial des Vins Extrêmes – have been  the main subject at the event that took place at the end of the last year in Galicia –Monforte de Lemos, where the Councillor of Ribeira Sacra, according to the annual meeting tradition has made his own awarding ceremony to show respect to the companies that have given fame to the heroic viticulture territory.

At the meeting of Monforte have been present the president of Cervim, Roberto Gaudio, and the vicepresident, Jean Paul Ramio, among other local authority figures like the assessor of Galicia’s Agriculture, the sindicate of Monforte de Lemos, many political figures of the territory, the coordinator of the delegation  of the Spanish Government of Galicia, Jose Alvarez Robledo which has recently been a member of the CDA and of Cervim.

‘’It is always important to be present at events like this – underlines Gaudio;  an occasion to develop even more the professional relationships, confront some problems and hopes regarding the heroic viticulture and a good moment to encounter the local authorities and viticulturists. With the participation of Cervim – among which also the president of the Wine Consortium, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Gonzales at local events, organized by associates and non associates.’’

‘’An important accomplishment – says José Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez, president of  Ribeira Sacra’s Wine Consortium  - for the participation of the president and the vicepresident  of Cervim at the awarding ceremony of  Mondial des Vins Extremes’s winning producers of Ribeira Sacra.

Ribeira Sacra is in fact born and raised along with Cervim, if only we look back 26 years ago when our first participation at Cervim where the first two winning viticultors have went by car from Galicia to Aosta to receive their prize. From that very moment the growth of Ribeira Sacra has begun: thanks to the collaboration with Cervim, we could evolve into believing  that the protection and value of a unique landscape  and a high quality of the wine are the winning cards for the development of this marvellous land.’’

‘’ The work that has been done by the Wine Consortium of Ribeira Sacra – according to Jean Paul Ramio, vice president of Cervim – has been admirable both for the valorisation of an amazing territory which can be clearly defined as heroic, and for the capacity of making the viticulturists of the area  believe in a unique and capable land of producing high quality wines that are among the best wines in Europe. The high number of prizes obtained at Mondial des Vins Extremes stays as a solid proof.

In occasion of the delegation, Cervim has visited a northern area of Galicia, in the small town, Negueira de Muniz, of which wins are a good reputation a characteristics that fit well to those of heroic viticulture.