Parco la Mandria Venaria Reale (TO) - 06.09.2008

The winning wines of the 16th international mountain wine competition

The winning wines of the 16th international mountain wine competition
Also this year the wines were judged by an international jury: each of the 6 commissions was drawn to make up a panel of three oenologists (appointed by the Association of Italian Oenologists and wine-making experts and by the International Union of Oenologists), of one expert wine-taster representing one of the member regions of the CERVIM and of a journalist from international specialised press.
A total of 533 samples from Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland (48% of which from abroad) were admitted to the “16th international mountain wine competition”.
The wines were assessed according to the "International Union of Oenologists” method. At the end of every session, the commissions handed their score cards to Mr. Maione, the lawyer who calculated the final result of each sample by averaging the scores for that wine, after eliminating the highest and the lowest one.
In accordance with the rules, all the wines that were given the top score (up to a maximum of 30% of the entrants in each of the categories) were jointly awarded the Diploma for Honourable Mention as long as the minimum of 80 out of 100 was achieved, as calculated by the “International Union of Oenologists” assessment method.
In addition, the first 3 wines in each category were awarded respectively the Grand Gold Medal, the Gold Medal and the Silver Medal.
Finally, the winery from each country that achieved the best result, calculated by totalling the highest scores for three wines belonging to different categories, was awarded the “CERVIM 2008” Special Prize.
During the judging, a total of 2,665 score cards were completed, with a total of 37,395 opinions, using more than 2,900 glasses.